Girls, what do I do?

This girl and I have know each other for 4 years, & have liked each other on and off throughout. We are high school seniors now, & we go to different schools as of last year. We work together.

I have recently had feelings for her because she has been around at work more. I told one of my guy friends expecting he wouldn't make a big thing (of course I was wrong..) long story short, she finds out, and tells me she likes me as well. Now, it might sound good up to this point, but as we are texting a few nights ago she says that she "just wants to be friends" because we have a "great friendship," blah.. blah.. I was pretty let down.

Within a day or two of those texts, she texts me that she wants to "hang out more" outside of work. I invited her to go on a hike with me the next day, & she said yes. Once we got to the summit of the hike, we spent awhile up there talking, laughing, & being close. We start to walk down again, and she grabs my hand to hold it. This blows my mind but I quickly accept the fact that she wants to be more than friends. We held hands the entire way down.

We get back to her car and she drives me home. Once we get back to my house, she walks me to my garage, and we begin to hug for what seemed like awhile. She pulled her head away from the hug, and she kissed me. But that's not it. Then she kisses me again, begins to pull away, and kisses me again. I will never forget the smile on her face. She walks back to her car and I walk into my house.

The next day we didn't talk much, but she texted me at about midnight saying "so we're just friends right? or what..." I told her I wanted to be more, but she said she didn't want a relationship. She isn't the type to "get around" or lead guys on. She wants to continue hanging out. She recently came out of a "thing" with a guy that she found out isn't a great person for her. I don't know what to think, I definitely still like her and she admittedly still likes me.
yeah I found out that she was lying and leading me and the other guy on. she was telling us both that she didn't like the other.. i have liked her on and off for about 4 years, and apparently she isn't at all who i thought she was. thanks guys.


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  • you should give her some time.


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