Why would he lie about such an odd thing?

This is a kind of continuation of a question I asked yesterday. To put it in a nutshell for those who didn't see it, my boyfriend made a hurtful comment to me saying how hot and irresistible he thought blondes were, that he wasn't too keen on black hair and how his ex was blonde, depsite me being a blasian girl with jet black hair. I had a word with him about that and he apologised and says he didn't say it to hurt me, but he could see why it did. But today I found out from a member of his family that his ex was not blonde, she had brown hair. Why he would lie about that?


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  • Well lying is not a good habit, and it's not right what he is doing, there is no need to lie to you about these things.

  • Dump him. He's an idiot.


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