Is it weird to give my boyfriend a few gifts including a love letter before he moves away?

Hello! So my boyfriend and I have hit a bit of a dip in our relationship. At 5 months, he is moving away and I am moving back to college. We'll be two hours away from each other and its definitely going to be hard. hell be working, doing construction for his family, and college. I'll be busy with college, cross fit, piano and guitar lessons. So I thought before I leave for college and he leaves to his new city I get him a few gifts. One would be a love letter saying obiviously how much i love him, ill see him soon, we can make this work, blah blah blah. Is this too much for a guy? Maybe too sappy? Maybe not even neccasary since we aren't technically long distance? Any advice will help thank you! :)


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  • its not weird at all.


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