Go back to abuse and try to fix them, or look and hope to find a loyal partner?



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  • Some people jsut try to change others too much and never learn, especially a lot of other women, they even try to change other women too for their own benefit, they try to change men too to get what they want lol women like this are just pretty spoiled or they haven't learned to accept the things they can't control, so they try to control it (with little success).

    • Well do you think looking for a loyal partner is a better idea? Especially in this day and age? Think about it. Yeah, people try to change others in relationships, but think about the cheating rate nowadays.

    • Sadly it wouldn't occur to them even if they would like a loyal partner, other people manipulate each other too to not be okie with change and not being able to control things they can't, they make them worry about what they can't control, people try to do it to me all the time but i don't let it, but most people don't have that level of mental strengh like i do though... so they give into it and start feeling they should try to control it instead of letting it go... people make others just as bad as them where they always have a bone to pick or super controlling to get what they want, a lot of guys are the same these days... when it comes to someone they like they will do their best to not let it drop at all... i've had a friend like who was controlling and manipulative because her mum is like that with her... so she thinks she has to act super controlling over everyone, she never let me do anything i wanted to do while i was her friend, it was just always about her.

    • Then she turned my last remaining friends against me where i used to live... because she couldn't let it go... she didn't feel better until she could isolate me and control the very last things of my life in her area... it's just not nice when people do this.

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  • You can't change anybody.


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