Fear of intimacy?

Ok, i want everyones opinion on this.
I am seeing a man whom is bisexual and he is also seeing someone else. I am okay with that because he is not my boyfriend and he can do what he wants. The other person whom he is seeing i know very well and we do talk and we are both aware of each other and very good friends.
I know this guys past relationships too. He is fearful of letting anyone close to him and opening up. He isn't very touchy and isn't even gond of kissing, he does e joy sex occasionally and he's good at it lol.
The other person he is seeing is like most other relationships. He isn't close to them and he won't even kiss them yet he will allow them to kiss him but not often and won't really hug them and doesn't feel comfortable talking to them. and expresses that to them as well.
Me on the other hand. He hss told me i know more about him than anyone and he can talk to me about anything. He will make the move to just kiss me and he is pretty open yet he claims he's more into men. I just want a general opinion from others. Do you think its that he isn't afraid of being close to me but fears to be in a relationship with me because he is more vulnerable and he can get hurt amd wants me there still but he's protecting himself and thats why he says he's more into men yet acts completely different with me and shows more feeling? or is it maybe just that weare close and he just like having a person he is close to that he is good friends with?

  • Just friends and he feels safe
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  • He is afraid of being vulnerable and hurt in a relationship.
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  • he's afraid of being hurt.


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