How do I tell my parents I'm dating a 26 yr old when I'm 19?

So I always hangout in this one spot in downtown with a bunch of other people too. One night I was chillin with my friends then I heard music from behind me and I turned around and it was this guy so free spirited and looked like a guy who is fun to hang with. He came to the table where we were all hanging outand started to free style rap and others would join in and we kept making eye contact in a flirty way lol. Later that night we were all around the table and he put me on his lap. The next time we saw each other was the next day coincidently and we separated from the others and talked all day about the little things and big things I didn't get home till that same night. I feel so safe with him. We have been together for a while now and my parents think we are only friends (my idea) I'm not sure how to tell I'm (19) dating a 26 yr old he also has two jobs and about to graduate college with his masters shop he is not only super sweet to me he is also a good guy in society eyes. How should I tell them? I could say more about him but I'll go on and on.


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  • It's up to you why do you need to tell them about your private life.

    • Bc I still live under their roof so I live under their rules just until I'm out of college

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