My unofficial boyfriend never calls/barely texts?

We are both in college and dated for like a month and a half before we left for summer break. We never made it official, but I will admit the relationship started slowly, which I liked, and it started heating up before we left for summer. We have seen each other twice this summer-he stayed over my house and I was on vacation near where he lives so I saw him two nights in a row then. He was an infrequent and dry texter from the beginning of the relationship. When my friends meet him they cannot believe he is such a bad texter because he has such an awesome personality and I really really like him. He's very busy, works everyday in the summer. I haven't seen him in over a month now, but we're going back to school in two weeks. During this month, we've gone almost two weeks without talking sometimes. Before that it was still infrequent like always but more often like twice a week. Whenever we're in person, everything is fine and we have a lot of fun together. However I feel like him barely texting me/never calling (he's never called me before unless to say he's on his way) is him telling me he doesn't have the same feelings for me. Am I overreacting, is he just a really bad texter? Should I say something or stick it out and wait until we're together at school again and see how we are in person? I haven't texted him first that much at all this month cause I felt like he needed space because of how busy he is and just so he could enjoy his summer with family and friends and didn't want to be annoying. Before that we were probably texting each other first an equal amount. He texted me first three times in the same week, then we just went almost two weeks without talking, so I texted him first last night only to barely talk to him and he took hours to respond :/
someone please give your opinion


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  • Tell him how he is making you feel and what is going on because he will not know unless you tell him and maybe he's really just not good at texting so you call him and I know that you said he is doing college stuff, friends and family but if you call him and he picks up then he wants to talk to you and when you call him try to get him to talk about his life because some people can talk about them selfs for hours and if he has liked a stressful day you will eventually become like a release for his problems and will create trust.

    • That is true. He actually vented to me a lot over text a couple weeks ago which is rare-he's talked to me about some of his family problems in person before, but never over text-we usually keep it lighthearted over text so I guess that's a good sign

  • i dont think he's very invested in you. you should move on.


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