Girls, a bit confused?

I have a few questions.

1. I hear that the best way to make female friends and get a girlfriend is to make the girl laugh. how to make her laugh WITH me and not AT me? especially if I'm a serious guy? How to loosen up? and what are some jokes to tell a chick?

2. I hear that aggressive guys get the girls, yet the desperate ones lose. what is the difference between the two?

3. I hear you love a guy who is passionate about his work/studies, working out, and his interests. but what about guys like the World Of Warcraft (don't play) guy on South Park? Do the nerds who play all day/gym rats/bookworms turn you off? even as a friend?

help, please!


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  • Really great question, the very first step in getting a girl relationship or friendship wise is attraction. Attraction can be anything, if you have a really nice haircut, a great smelling cologne, or say something funny like you said. If you can make a girl laugh it gets her to be comfortable but don't try to force funny because it may get annoying. If you're a serious guy don't try to be funny if it isn't natural to you, you could smile at her a lot, or speak sensually, just act super flirty or friendly. As for the aggressive guys I would have to say yes. Keep in mind aggressive doesn't necessarily mean 'bad boy' an aggressive man is someone who knows what he wants, he is strong and has determination, an aggressive man is just really manly but don't forget to show you have a sweet side, women still want love, affection, and romance. As for your interests it all boils down to the girl, some may enjoy your nerd overloads and others may not. For the girls who don't like but tolerate them, those girls are okay. The girls who hate them and get annoyed kick them to the curb. And the girls who love them, or may not be that into them but enjoy them simply because you do, they're friggin awesome and you need them in your life! I personally love South Park and really wanna play World of Warcraft. My boyfriend like shows similar in crude humor, video games, and anime. We're both under nerds about certain things and watching him nerd out is the best thing in the world! Also, go for the lady who accepts you for who you are, not who you pretend to be for her.

    • thanks for the response :). for the interests, I mean that i noticed that girls love a guy who is passionate about his interests. but being TOO passionate (a gym rat or bookworm or that WOW south park guy) is a turnoff

    • Well, just think about how you would feel because something like that is generally the same for others. Chances are if those extremes would annoy you, they might annoy a girl too. :)

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