What should I get him for his birthday?

We're dating for a month or so, we are new. He knows I don't have a job right now. And my birthday recently passed and he got me something I said I wanted to get for myself as well as a card and a gift card to a store he knew I'd like. But I don't know what to get him, and. Don't want to put too much effort in it either. And I'm usually great at gifts but I'm so nervous and blank about what to get him, especially since it's tomorrow and we can't hang out tomorrow. Would it still be sweet to wish him a happy birthday on the phone, and give him the little gift the next time I see him?

I thought of getting him his favorite dessert and a card. He's also into sports (baseball, wrestling, hockey, golf!) but what else could I get him that's simple enough but shows a bit of thoughtfulness? He also mentioned once he likes gift cards, but I can't spend more than $20 on the entire gift. His gift card to me was worth a bit more than that.


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  • get him a swiss army knife... :) always a good present...


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  • get him the dessert and the card, if you can only spend $20.


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