Should I invite my boyfriend to come with me for a work trip at a resort? Good idea or disaster?

My work is paying for me plus one guest to go to a resort for 4 days that requires a plane to get there, so it would require the other person to take off a few days of work in order to go. I have normally taken my mom since I never had a significant other at the times of trips, but now I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months, and by the time the trip cones around, it will have been 10 months together.

Should I ask my boyfriend to come with me? I will be busy with work during the day but the afternoon/evening I'll be free to do stuff with him, and he can just relax at the pool and do what he wants when I'm working.

Or is it too soon to go on a "vacation" especially one where I'll be working part of the time? Is it a bad idea?

Should I just invite my mom like usual and avoid vacationsome with my boyfriend until we're more serious/have been together longer?

I'm really torn because I want him to come, but I know that it can be a recipe for disaster for couples if they vacation too soon.

What do you think?


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  • A parent might find the boredom of the day just what the doctor ordered but
    a boyfriend young buck left alone all day would wear you out each night, not to mention the office gossip forever thereafter. If the boyfriend is immature, he might even sulk until you arrived home, beat up from the day and he is the frisky puppy wanting to go everywhere w/you. Tricky bosses will often plan a night "must attend" that further frustrates intimate fun.

    Most large groups are able to muster down hotel fees for their employees during the conference AS WELL AS make them hold that price for a few days... either prior or subsequently to the conference, for family vacations.

    PHONE nightly your boyfriend, who will not regret being bored & well assured your not playing around with Mom in tow. You have played in smart thus far and even "paid back" your Mom a bit.

    Been there, done that on both sides of it... unless there's dancing and a short flight, forgetaboutit! Conference hotels are nothing to write home about.


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