Never said I love you?

I have been dating this guy for awhile and things are good really good nothing wrong there, we treat each other with respect and can be silly and crazy around each other and be our selves. I have always known he had feelings for me back in college he had a huge crush on me but we parted ways and went different paths but 3 years later were finaally together.

I was talking to my friend and she found it shocking that im nearly 20 and never told anyone i love them and im nervous that he is going to say it and im not going to know what to do (if that makes any sense) i have never had these kind of feelings for someone and i have always been taught that showing deep emotions is weak and people will take advantage and i want to be able to say it back or say it first but im scared.

So my question is how did you say i love you for the first time? and how did it turn out? and how did it make you feel?


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  • Showing your emotions is never weak, its weak of you to hold it back. This way you dont learn to control your emotions. I said it my first time when i was 16 to another girl, we hooked up and stayed together for 3months. Then we broke up again and we properly broke each others heart. But at the end of the day im happy with my experience, i learned to control my emotions and deal with love even when it knocks you down :).


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  • What is so complicated about it?
    You know you love him, so why is it so hard to tell him? They are only words. Don't say them if you don't mean it, but if you love him, just say it. Nothing extraordinary is going to happen and you can always change your mind later. It doesn't mean you have to marry him or something.


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