I have a crush on my friends boyfriend. I haven't told anyone, but people keep telling me that he likes me, while he's dating my friend. What do I do?

He's texted me 'love' and 'my darling'. Does he like me? And since I like him... I can't do anything about it but wait and see if they break up. And even then... That's not the right thing to do to date him, because I'm friends with her? How do I handle this?


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  • Stay the hell away from him if you value your friendship. Maybe you can date him after he and your friend break up, BUT...
    BUT she'll hold it against you if you date him quickly after they break up* and she'll hate you if they break up _because_ of you.
    BUT you already know he's the kind of guy who will date one girl while hitting on her friend. Is that really who you want to trust with your feelings?
    In the interest of full disclosure, I'm now in love with the ex-boyfriend of one of my best friends. We started dating three decades later, and I still needed her okay before I felt okay about it, and it creeped him out, too. So you know just how extreme I am about not stealing my friends' men!


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