Did I completely blow it or can I fix this?

So I was at my uncles 50th and a lady that used to babysit my dad and uncle was telling me about her grand daughter and how I would be a perfect guy for her and how her grand daughter finally got rid of her loser ex boyfriend. She told me I should go talk to her grand daughter at work so I won't lie I drug my feet for a couple of weeks till finally I went after my last class today

so when I got there I couldn't find her but I saw her just as I was planning to walk out, but she was working with a co worker and I decided to just leave. So I walked out to my acar and thought for a second and ultimately came to the conclusion that I would regret it if I just drove away. So long story short I went and bought a shirt in hopes of her ringing me up. But ask walked up she got busy with another customer so I just bought my shirt and walked out the door to find her outside helping some guy that from the sounds of it was friends with someone else who works there
At this point when she was t busy I walked up and asked her if we had met before, which we had but it was very brief and was over 2 years ago. So she said no I dontthink so and I replied ur related to patty right she said yes and I said yeah we did meet then it was a while ago but it was in your grandmas driveway. She said I do t really remember but what's your name and I told her my name and she asked for my last name too and at that point she shook my hand and said well nice to meet you again.

I feel like I really messed this up and wanna fix it. I mean she is beautiful and I think I caught her at a. At a bad time because she seemed a little upset before I went and talked to her
I mean should I message her on Facebook even though we are not friends even though we have some friends in common and apologize for being so shy and tell her that I want to get to know her or?


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  • apologize and try it again.


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