Is this girl into me?

So I went out for drinks with my friends who are a couple the other night. They brought 2 friends who are both girls and we all had a good time at the bar. I was interested in one of the girls so at the end I asked for her Facebook. I asked them both and when I offered my phone for them to search themselves the girl who I like took it first which I thought was a good sign. The next day I messaged her and said that I had a good last night. She messaged back saying: Hey! I'm doing well! You? Last night was fun! We will all have to do it again soon
I'm just worried that "all do it again soon" is a subtle way of saying she's not interested. Am I reading too much into it?


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  • Well, for me her saying that was actually a good sign. Maybe she is interested in getting to know you, i mean, if not, she could have just said "Hey! im doing well!! you? last night was fun!" but that would have been about it, she didn't have to add anything more, and she did. At least for me that doesn´t say she is not interested, she´s more likely curious about you.
    Hope that helps

  • she's not interested.


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