Girls, do u hate it when guys get clingy?

and what would u describe as clingy


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  • it's up there with things i can't stand most.
    clingy is like... ALWAYS trying to talk to you, express his love, reassure himself that u still love him, try to see u, wonder where u r, what ur doing, who ur with, if ur ok. O. M. G.

    i had a guy like this. bloody hell I'm so glad i left.

    say I'm going to uni. this is along the lines of what would appear on my phone.

    him: "good morning beautiful. have a great day at uni today. text me when you get on the bus:) "

    me: morning! aw thanks u too. sure =]

    him: "text me when you're on the train"

    me: ok on the train now...

    him: "text me when ur on the shuttle bus"

    me: lol why?

    him: i just want to know you're ok haha. i love you so much. are you at uni yet?"

    me: I'm actually in my lecture. talk to u later.

    him: oh haha ok. talk to u soon sweetheart, ill call u in your break"



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  • Yes. I can't stand clingy. I feel suffocated. There needs to be a balance. I like to spend time with a guy, but I also like my space.

  • well i dont hate clinginess (if he is overly clingy then yea maybe ) but sometimes i get in these moods where i dont wanna be touched or talked to or anything at all and i dont want anyone or anything in my personal spacee


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