Am I gonna be single forever?

Im not trying to compete with anyone all i want is love! i cry at night thinking somethings wrong with me because i haven't found it
I hate when people tell me it will happen when it happens. Or you find love when your not looking for it it annoys me when people tell me.

And im not ugly... Not at all. Very very insecure but im not ugly person on the outside or inside.

I see girls who are bigger than me or "considered less asttractive" married with kids and i dont get it!! I know its the guys i pick. But honestly i can't help it. I tend to pick guys who seemnice and "Perfect like" then turn into assholes and jerks who lie and ignore me. Now I've tried to talk to guys i normally would find attractive or talk to and STILLsame results! I dont get it!! In 24 and in my mind im suppose to have been dating someone two years already or engaged. Im a hopeless romantic and i fall to easy and its bad and a good thing.

I also have trust issues with guys because of past guys hurting me emotionaly and lieing!

Im 99% sure i will never find the one and ill be a 40 year old dog lady who is single!!

Wouldn't find*
Guys aged 23-27 are still to immature and/or only want hookups. I don't mind hookups but I want something real

And before you ask yes I've tried online dating sites... Those are actually worse


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  • "You find love when you're not looking for it" is literally the dumbest advice on the planet.

    That's like saying "a job will find you when you're not looking for one."

    I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that 9/10, the guy who is signed up on Monster, LinkedIn, and a dozen other job search website will have way better luck finding a job than the guy who is simply just minding his own business.

    Fortune favors the bold, for the most part.

    • Agreed, but that has 0 to do with question

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  • dont worry most people are married till like 30

    so much could change and you could find the one without even looking !

    maybe because your so pretty people afraid to approach?

    • Haha no deff not 30. I'm hating going into 24 single.

      Lol thanks but that's definitely not reason haha

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  • You are fine! You have standards, that's all. A lot of those other girls stick with their jerk boyfriends and husbands, but you let those guys go to look for someone who will treat you right. I was 24 when I entered into my first LTR. Before that, they were all 6 months tops. Be patient, be yourself, and keep your standards high. Don't give up. He's out there waiting for you.

  • you'll be ok, it only seems like that, and there a lot of guys not like that, plenty of good guys out there. dating sites suck lol. i mean at least ur getting people who show interest, I've been shot down every time or teased or made fun of by the girls i like. trust me I've felt exactly the same and worse, but u just have to keep trying.

  • I know how you feel, I've never been in a relationship before, probably because I'm a nice guy and women don't like nice guys... women only like jerks most of the time.

    You'll find someone though, itll happen :)

    • Nope I've given up. My last date turned out horrible and the guy I liked has a girlfriend but still decided to flirt with me. I'm done.

    • I am kinda done too. How was your last date horrible? It kind of makes me sad knowing there are guys that get away with being horrible. i would never treat a girl horribly. Maybe that's why I also have no luck with women. Nice guy syndrome :(

    • Went on few dates with guy. Randomly get a text saying we won't work out and he doesn't explain why he just acts like an ass and cuts off

  • Not right now cuz u alrdy found meh 😉


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