How do you ask out a girl you used to daily, but do not see anymore?

Some backstory: So there's a girl who was an intern at the same company as me all summer. We had a big mutual group of interns that we ate lunch with every day, so I interacted with her plenty within the group. We know each other decently well. I am still working at the company this fall as an intern, but she quit for the fall and is coming back full time in the spring when she graduates. I will likely still be working there in the spring as well, so I think this is a factor. She works in HR and I am in a different department. She takes her job very seriously so even if she was interested, I don't think she would flirt at work. I've seen her a few times outside of work in the same mutual friend group (pool parties, birthdays), but we haven't had any time with just the two of us. At the last party (and the last time I saw her) about a week ago, I flirted with her pretty blatantly in multiple conversations and she didn't seem offput by it (e. g. didn't run away screaming or avoid me for the rest of the night), but she didn't return obvious positive signals. If she doesn't know I'm interested, then she reads signals about as poorly as I do. However, she is typically quite reserved and traditional, so I don't know if she would really flirt back around a group of people she knows? She could also just be wanting me to make a bigger move before she shows her hand?

To get to the question: Should I ask her out? and if so, how? All of our communication is through text outside of seeing her in person. Do I call her or text her?

More detail: She is 21 and a senior and I am a 20 year old Junior. She goes to a school about 45 minutes away from mine and is a soccer player up there. None of our mutual friends live in town, so there's not really a way I can get in the same room as her without asking her out in some fashion.

Disclaimer: I obviously overthink many things and read into some stuff too much. Not to mention I couldn't see girls signals if I had a microscope.

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So for anyone who suggests asking her out -- should I do it cold or should I text her about other things first over a few days to warm up the expectation of interaction?


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  • you should call her.


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