Texting and calling on a date?

I text a girl i like and all good but it bothers me that im always the one whos starting the conversetion and keeping it alive, it lives as long as i have something to say. Is that ok cus it makes me feel that she doesn't feel the same to me. Is it a mans job to do it or is she just shy? Because when we talk and chat its not a one word conversetion its pretty deep.
Second, I called her out some times and we hang out a little but it was never officialy a date or something like that, it was just once hang out with me and my little sister, come to my game and once after a game she told im welcome to help her shopping some stuff. I dont know how she feels about me and i wana call her out on something to make it sound more towards dating and not just spend time together.
Thanks for the help


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  • Well, it's should be a two way conversation. :) Is she a shy girl or us she not much of a talker? U said ur guys conversation are deep, is that is when ur talking in person or over text?

    • In person we talk pretty cool both of us can just find a subject, on text i control the conversetuin if ill stop talking shell stop too.
      she's not super shy but she is shy a bit and she's not a very big talker (me too pretty much)

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    • Yes thats basicly my main question, how to ask her out? and how to make it more a date than just a hang out like before.

    • Well, first I would say tell her how u feel & depending on what she says, ask her out. U guys could go to the movies or out to eat. U gusys can just do anything that u guys normally don't do when u hangout.

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  • So confess to her and tell her you wanna date her.

    • just like that?
      hey girl we went out sometimes and that and that and i wana date you?

    • Next time you hang out, just tell her "so, I really like you. Like, a lot."
      Or the next time you ask her out make it clear it's a date.

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