How can I plan to get together with someone I met on a dating site who lives 6 hours away when I have no car?

I don't think it's safe for him to stay at my house when we've never met in person, but it's also crazy to have to pay for a hotel for a weekend... I also am a graduate student and not yet employed, so even if I wanted to be nice and try to split costs for travel expenses, etc. I might run short.

Is is there a reasonable way to handle this situation?


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  • Have someone drive you. I only say it cause you might need some protection just in case the meeting doesn't go well.


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  • Ask him to meet you half way in a public restaurant where it's safe for you


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  • Take a bus...
    Or a train or a plane...

    • Already thought about that but I can't afford to stay in a hotel.

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    • That's not safe when in just meeting them. In most cases things will probably be fine but you never know.

    • yeah, i forget you are a girl lol, better to be careful

  • Take a bus or plane to see him


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