All men live by their fantasy or expectation about the idea of a woman but?

All men live by their fantasy or expectation about the idea of a woman but the reality is totally opposite. Is it good to teach them the reality or make it look good so that their fantasy come true? Or give them what they expect? Or show everything?
All men are fantasy king or something. They will never accept the reality and they always blame on woman


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  • Lol: what is the reality? To me it's the same as saying nice guys get girls but the reality is bad boys do? Should nice guys just face that reality and be douche too or should they stay the same and be cool (with the price of being an incel)

    • Reality - whore, expectation - mother or house wife with perfect make up every night. U know house work ain't no easy with make up on.. She can only be like a fat ugly maid if u expect too much

    • look, me personally, I have a way different outlook on life. I don't believe in monogamy or that shit and don't expect any of the ideals that Disney or advertising implies. my girl and I are in an open relationship because of this. I believe that the truth is always best. But I know from years of hell that only a minority expect the truth and embrace it. To me, everyone is damaged, complicated or is a real person with struggles and mistakes that make them who they are. i never judge or expect ideals and to love unconditionally is to accept these truths.

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  • I don't think gender has anything to do with it. I consider it a "human" issue.
    For example, don't forget that many of us -women- have an idealized version of men as well. It takes a tremendous amount of thought to be able to separate your own idea of the ideal from the ugly (?) reality.


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  • Wait... What is this? What fantasy are you talking about? I'm so lost.

    • Fantasy is like women forgive u everything bad u do, give u a comfort when u mess around, blah

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    • I don't have one.

    • U don't have any style or any expectation? U just are ok with any type of woman?

  • Just be yourself. As a man I want someone with a great personality who wants me for me, not a photoshopped swimsuit model.

  • I would just be you and hopefully you'll find a guy that liked who you are.

  • i dont understand

  • "All men"

    I stopped reading right there. Done.

    • Run away as fast as u can

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