My boyfriend is always on his phone?

It annoys me that he's constantly on it everytime we're together. Especially today, I invited him over my house. He excused himself the bathroom while I went to talk to my mother about work. He comes in after he's finished, and sits on the couch in the living room where we're all settled at. He's back on his phone, and my mother is talking to us about her sleeping pattern. She looks at him, obviously talking to us and he's on his phone. I asked him to get off the phone, and I told him that my mother was talking to him while he was on the phone. He said, "She wasn't talking to me." I said that she was, and then he responds as, "Oh... well, oh well." And that annoyed me that he would just mindlessly say that. I saw that he was on reddit, and he got defensive like, "Oh, I can't text my brother and sister?" Like, he only seems to care about himself. He's constantly checking his phone or something, and it's rude. I don't care if he doesn't on his own free time, but not during our time together. What should I do?


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  • Yes, you are right to be annoyed, he should give you time and it's disrespectful what he is doing. Try telling him in a firm tone as to how you feel when he does that.

    • I have, but I feel like it only fell on deaf ears.

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    • Okay I have to wait 24 hours for me to select you as MHO, so I'll wait until then :)

    • It's good to know, thanks for understanding me. I am a logical person and whatever I say it just comes to me naturally and from my head, it's always good to give good suggestions and opinions and it's good to know it will be helpful to you in future.

      That's completely alright. You're welcome.

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  • Try telling him how it makes you feel, and that your time together is more important than him checking reddit, if he can't see that, he isn't right for you.

    • That's the thing: he always pulls out his phone when he and I are hanging out with my friends, or when my friends and family are talking to him. It's really annoying and rude.

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  • tell him that its unpleasant from him to be constantly on his phone! just be straightforward

    • I did, and said that he won't do it again. We'll see if it happens again or not. Thank you!

    • ok lets wait!!!
      you're welcomed

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