I asked her out and she has a bf? please help?

i told a girl i liked her and she said aww i have a boyfriend. she alsmo mentioned he moves around a lot in his job, then said im not sure if i like u more than friends... i find that very hard to belive with all the flirting she does to me, she said when her boyfriend goes away we cud go for a drink, what should i do? try to maker her like me and hope she slputs up with this guy cause he's always away? or just forget about her and move on?


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  • I'm really sorry you are in this position. My advice would be to move on. She is in a relationship. It doesn't matter if she likes you more than a friend or not. Pursuing someone in the hope that they will break up is not a good plan... She may end up using you... Or cheating with you... Or you might just end up breaking your back trying to impress her, whilst seeing absolutely no results which is pretty soul destroying. I do not think these are good ways to be treated. Moving on is really tough, but I really feel this is the best option here.


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  • Well, you know now she has a boyfriend and then she said she is not sure if she likes you more than friends, so what I suggest is don't do anything, let her make up her mind, don't try to influence her decision, be her friend and just be yourself and if she makes up her as to whether she likes you more than friends or not, and if she does then let her do what it takes, let her break up with her boyfriend and then both can take it forward but you shouldn't do anything as such, like trying to make her like you or something.

    Another way is like you mentioned, now that you know she has a boyfriend so you can completely cut off all contact with her and stay away from her, you can also do that. The choice is yours.


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  • Woah buddy just move on. Don't mess up other people's relationship. I'm sure if you had a girlfriend you wouldn't want some jerk messing around with her.

    • in this life u ahve to fight for wot u want, just because she's with him dont mean she cudnt leave him and be with me

    • Okay.. Well I'm done here.

  • You shouldn't run after her and if she knows you're available when/if she dumps her boyfriend or gets dumped you become uninteresting to her. If she's flirting with you she's definitely not being fair. neither to you nor her boyfriend, but keep in mind you don't want to be a second choice. Do you?


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