Different perspectives of people in pictures: what do you look for in a person in their picture?

Okay so I have guy friends that I talk to on a daily basis and we all just blurt out our opinions. I put up a picture that I thought didn't look bad but they said that it didn't show a good side of me. I'm pretty sure what girls think is 'pretty' in a picture is different than what guys do.

I'd usually look at my eyes, lips, hair, and face shape before considering it a good picture. I know a lot of guys don't really care about things like eyebrows or whatever as much as girls do, so I wanted to know how you guys (both genders) determine whether the picture of the person is good or not.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I look at the pose

    • what if the pose was... I guess acceptable. What about the person?

    • As long as the person is in a relaxed natural not forever pose its fine to me

    • interesting.. thanks for the feedback!

What Girls Said 1

  • I usually observe many things in regards to pictures. I notice the angle, the colors, the quality, the facial features and the body stance of the person.


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