How To Have "The Talk" GUYS & GIRLS HELP PLEASE?

Hello lovelies!

Awww, I honestly haven't been on here in forever. It's changed! I'm loving the layout and the simplicity of it haha :-)

How are all you lot?
Anyway so, I've been dating/with this guy for almost 5 months now.
he's PERFECT. Like.. I've found the Prince Charming you read about in fairytales haha! *puke* sorry lol!

Anyhoo, one of his friends infront of him asked what he should introduce me as and what we are (we haven't had the discussion!!) he said 'I think I'd say significant other' and in a conversation with me that same day he referred to himself as my 'boyfriend thing' haha.. I think he said 'thing' afterwards because we haven't talked about 'what we are'

I mean he invites me to things with his friends and family and stuff.. And we appear to be going REALLY good. But I realllly want to know if he thinks of me as his girlfriend or not.
He's 9/10 years older though and I don't know how to go about it without coming across immature.

I'm really nervous to ask him lol! I don't wanna risk scaring him or putting him off.. But a girl needs to know where she stands lol! We've been dating/together for almost 5 months and I don't know if I have a boyfriend or not haha! But guys hate 'the talk' right?

So guys, how would you like your girl to go about asking?
And girls, how would you/did you go about having 'the talk'

I know I can just ask casually without having a big talk, and I do know I can ask him anything lol but I still feel proper nervous! Any advice would be really appreciated!

Thanks lovelies - aww, it's nice to be back!


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  • The talk? For a minute I thought you were gonna ask us about the birds and the bees :P I thought things would be clear by 5 months. Just say to him "so are we together"


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