My concern never gets resolved?

So me and my boyfriend been together a year, I see him on Thursday night and Saturday night and all day Sunday. I want more time, he feels like he givesme enough time. He is always say that he cannot guarantee an extra night during the week. I have been asking for more time and he does maybe once a month give me an extra night but i want consistency. He doesnot have any obligations other than his parent but he is 37 years old. So yesterday subject came up again and I can't give me a promise of a extra night during the week. It's always some reason, then I could not take the fight so I just backed down. And gave in. I gotta know if it is time to breakup since i am not getting my time in that i want. I feel lonely and ignored.
What do i do? Anxiety attack big time! ?


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  • Wow, i think you are overreacting! Take it slowly and enjoy the time you already have together instead of asking of more. Give the man some time to decide what he is going to do. Maybe he is the type of guy that enjoys taking things slowly and safe. Letting some one in to your life and granting them more and more time is a big thing for some people.

    • Take it slow we have been together for a year and 6 months

    • and after a year and 6 months you expect him to move in with you and have children straight away? lol

    • No but i expect to see him more than 1 day a week and I get it i see him on the weekends but seriously everything is so scheduled and rigid, i want to see him more, i have never asked him for a ring or a major commitment all i want is more time with him after a year and half i deserve that...

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  • I think I agree with you on this one. You guys have been dating for a year and are in love I assume? I get it if he is busy during the week but What about Friday night or Sunday night?

    Usually a year end people are spending most weekends together. He should want to see you a lot at this point and not be keeping you on a set schedule. I mean by a year lots of people are practically leaving together if they are on a track towards marriage.

    I've run into this road with guys before in their 30's who have never had a serious relationship yet alone loved with someone. They are used to having their own way in everything and they won't give up their independence. They only want you around the hen it is convenient for them but that's not how real relationships work. Divorced men are better about this since they are used to having someone around.


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  • You tell him you're feeling lonely and ignored, and ask him what's the actual reason for him not being able to see you more?

    If there's a proper reason maybe you can come up with a solution together - good luck!


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