How can a girl be approachable?

So, after my last question a lot of you said.. Many things, my favorite *resting bitch face*, ha!

I am not a serious person but I look like one 😄🙈

What should I do? I mean really nice people tell me that a lot but with the dating scene uh..


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  • there are a number of options:
    -you could practice smiling. I hate saying that, but it works.
    -you could take some part-time customer service job. Pizza or sandwich delivery is probably best. I suspect it wouldn't be long before someone starts flirting with you. That you are bringing them food gives them a very good reason to start talking to you.
    -you could read books in public. not phones! if you are on a phone reading, a lot of guys are going to assume you are texting your boyfriend or something.
    -go to places where alcohol is served. This is obvious, but it also tends to result in less interesting males
    -and last, you could approach others. Do not plan on finding 'the one' as a result of this. Instead, look for ways to 'practice' approaching guys. i. e, if you see some remarkably hideous guy reading a familiar book or something, with no intention of saying much more to him, tell him "hey, that's a good book choice!" Once you get used to starting conversations, you'll find it gets easier to talk to the people you want to talk to.

    that's my guess, anyway..


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  • Maybe try smiling more , ask a guy out for coffee
    I'm sure any guy would want sweep you off of your feet
    You could be afraid to make that move maybe you had
    some bad luck with trying to make a relationship work.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should smile more, talk more, ask more questions and you should look more interested in the things people have to say about themselves.


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