Why is it that when a white celebrity man dates a black woman he becomes more attractive to some black women?

For example robin thicke. Robin thicke is not attractive to me at all. His ex wife is half black but some black women find him attractive because of this. I'm mixed with black too and I will never find Robin thicke attractive I don't care if he dates black women.


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  • Female sexuality is narcissistic, women want men to desire them more than they desire men, so knowing he is attracted to black women, makes them attracted to him.


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  • Ultimately people are mostly sheep and need advertisers and the media to tell them who and what they must like.


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  • Why can't they just find him attractive? I seriously doubt the fact he has a black girl effects his attractiveness in the slightest.

    Just because a black girl has a white boyfriend, does not mean white guys suddenly spunk their pants over her, She is just as attractive now as she was before it was known she was dating a different race (Which is the same as other person).

    I think you just dont like robin thickle, and those other women do just because he is an attractive lookin guy. Not because he is tapping another race xD

    • I am talking about celebrity white men not regular white men.
      Seriously what gave it away that I don't find Robin thicke attractive the fact that I said it or the fact that I said it? I think he's ugly

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    • Im sorry, But, How can you say you dont have high standards, And in the same sentence, the only white men you find attractive are ripped super guys with model faces? xD

    • I prefer not to date white men but I don't knock anyone else for doing it. But I like looking at celebs of all races lol

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