Guys lie about liking a girl or intensity of feelings to spare feelings? Have you ever really liked a girl but things just could not work out?

Does it make sense to tell a girl that 'I've always really liked you' to spare her feelings? Note that circumstances make it impractical/tough for you both to get involved.

If you wanted to spare her feelings, would you jot have said I did like you and not use 'always' and 'really'?

Would it mean that he has really liked me for a while now and his feelings for me still remain unchanged?

  • He was not lying. 'I've always really liked you' means strong feelings that are still involved.
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  • It's likely that he did not mean it and used those exact woods without thinking.
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Any personal experience of really liking a girl but you both were too late?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It is very possible to really like the person and also know that a relationship would not work well. I've had two such relationships. They ended not because I didn't love them, but because of other issues.

    • We're meeting to talk things over and he seems very keen about it. Offering up various dates and being really accommodating and a little dismayed when I had to rescheudle. Would that be due to him still having feelings for me or can't wait to get it over and done with? And thanks for answering! It sucks but I know life happens..

    • You will know more when you talk to him. I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It does not make sense to use those descriptive terms of he was trying to spare feelings. He might not think it's a good idea but he won't deny his feelings for you. Sounds like he needs some convincing


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  • I'm sorry for your situation.'the fact that you're on gag seems like you really like him too- the what could have been situations are the worst :/

  • he's not lying.


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