Are you one of those guys with a girlfriend, but you enjoy having another girl around to keep you company? If so, why is that?

I'm not sure if its that the guy will or won't ever date me, but I often fall for guys who later turn up to have a girlfriend. Sometimes we just flirt or other times we just hang, but why dont these guys feel the need to say "Hey, I have a girlfriend"? Like even if you and I will never be a "we"... Why not tell me ahead of time? That way I won't be the only one catching feelings.

I'm not saying these guys are cheating, as I only appear to be their friends, but why not tell me? Do they expect to try to get in my pants later on, so they dont want me to find out that they're already with someone? Its just confusing...
I often have to hear through others that the guy has a girlfriend. Guys why would you not tell me?


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  • No not me. I'm very much a one woman man

    • Well thats good to hear. After all these years of befriending these guys, why do you think none of them have ever felt the need to tell me that they have a girlfriend? Is it because they just dont see me in a romantic way, or is it that they want to have their cake and eat it too?

    • It's the latter. They have no loyalty or fidelity

    • I mean they've flirted, but they didn't make an actual move (sexually) so yea Im not sure what to think

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  • I have girl friends, but they usually know pretty quick that I'm in a relationship, because that's a big part of my life and I'm prone to talk about her.

    • Well at least you let it be known. I've known them for 2 years now and they never mention their girlfriends. I dont have facebook and all that, but I have friends who tell me what they saw. Im not sure if these guys are having a hard time with their girl, so they seek comfort with me, but its weird

  • Guys dont say it guys we LUV having multiple sexual partners. Thats juz how males are made.. they get bored with the same body quite fast and lose interest

    • Im none of these guys sexual partner. I just try to be their friends first. Yet, we can be friends for years, and none of them have ever felt the need to tell me they have a girlfriend. Instead they continuously flirt with me

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    • Can't agree with you because I've never been that way nor several of my friends. You don't know how to appreciate beauty

    • @reptocarl do u understand why there are so many virgin guys and virgin cuties are perrty much rare at ma age? Cuz guys are hopper. Where did the term "Playa" derived from? Ask urself that. Simple logic 👌🏼

  • I usually have a few girlfriends, two or three, at a time. If I'm not decided on a girl and I I'm not at a point where I'm going to say "yep, she's the one I'll have kids with," why shouldn't I be seeing other women? Have to make sure I find, and seeing one girl for two years at a time only to discover she isn't right for me is a waste of time.

    Multiple girls, it's the best way to find the right person fast.

    • I understand where you're coming from. However, why date them? Why not just be friends with them or just have them as a crush? That way, you can test out several girls without necessarily cheating

    • If I'm upfront with a woman that I'm not exclusive with her, I'm not cheating.

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