Would you spend this long crafting a message if you did not care for her?

We talked over the phone about our situation which has since became a little complicated. He thought I was not interested, I was leaving soon and he has since startd seeing someone else. I was disappointed, emotions were running high and I think I ended it quite abruptly as I was in shock. I was not expecting to hear from him.

But He sent a long text explaining how our situation was weird and unconventional to begin with (truth) and that he has always really liked me and that he wasn't seeing someone else behind my back though we have no obligations towards each other. I certain wasn't expecting such a thoughtful gesture fom him. We both sounded frusttrated towards the end of the call. A friend said that made sense as he sounded exasperated over the phone as was shocked I had feelings for him and my disappointment just made him more frustrated. He also sound very keen about meeting up to talk things over. Offered up many dates (all days even weekends) even though he said the week would be busy for him.

Do you think he meant it when he said he has always really liked me and still harbour those intense feelings for me? Could he be do enthusiastic about the meet because he wanted to get it over and be done with her?

He took half an hour to send me that long text after our call. I


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  • He could just be a caring person without caring about you...

    • Despite what he said about always really liking me? His actions never suggested otherwise, guess I wanna know if he still feels the same way. Thanks for replying! And he's not exactly the most thoughtful person around, we met through his work so I'd know

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