My girlfriend gets ask out by every guy "friend" she's had, is it wrong of me to want her to stop having guy friends?

At least 5-8 guys who she called "friends" asked her out. Most stop being her "friend" when she said no. And most either called her or me names and other bullshit. I'm getting hurt and jealous by all this but is it unfair for me to ask this?
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  • 90% of a guy girl friendship will end up with someone having an attraction. She's going to have to realize that fact. She wouldn't want you hanging out with girls for the same reason. EQUALITY!


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  • It's not your place to tell her who she can or cannot be friends with. She is not your property.

    However, a talk about acquiring better judgement would be handy. Bear in mind, she may be rejecting these guys, but it's possible she's allowing them to be her friends just for the ego boost.

    All you can do is make your feelings known, but you cannot order her around.

  • I don't know about putting your foot down and saying no more friends of the male gender but I understand where you're coming from and maybe she needs to slow down a bit or at least hang out with her guys friends when you're around so no mixed messages are sent.

    She sounds like she is the flirty type... It would be understandable if this happened once or twice but as manyy as you said? I feel like she has to be flirty and leading these "friends" on. Obviously you can't blame her for something you don't have proof for but like I said, maybe insist you hang out in groups when other guys are involved and express your concerns as honest and polite as you can.

    • She's shy and the opposite of flirty...

  • why don't you ask her to turn them all down, and make it clear she's your gf?

    • She does. Most the time they then yell at her or me or ignore her... None of them are even friends... Which is the problem... They just want to get with her...

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    • I do. Even beat one up because of what he said... No one gets to miss treat my girl.

    • show her how to beat them up too.

  • I'd break up with you if I were in her position. It's not her fault they ask her out, and you can't forbid her to have friends.

    • You know that's just mean. Why even answer? I already got the help I wanted.

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    • All of her guy "friends" of done something like that. Over 6 guys have asked her out and yelled at her and called her name, 1 tried to hit her but I tackled him another tried to hit me and two just never talked to her again. I'm not forbidding anything either, I just wanted to know if at this point it was okay to ask her to just not have guy friends. Every single one of them has either hurt her feelings or mine somehow. I'm tired of seeing her sad.

    • She is bad at picking friends, still doesn't mean she can't have them. Ask her to stop picking abusive dudes.

  • So you are telling me that you never asked out any of your female friends? So it's ok for you to have crushes on female friends and for you to have asked female friends out in the past but it's not ok that this has happened to her?

    • I have never ever asked a female friend out... And I would never bug or insult the girl if I did ever ask one out and I wouldn't even ask out a girl who has a boyfriend...

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    • Here we go again, I never said you had to love your crush. I just asked you if you ever had a crush on a female friend while you have been with your girlfriend or any relationship for that matter

    • And I said no.. i have only ever had 1 crush at a time and only on the person I was dating...

What Guys Said 2

  • Keep your damn mouth shut about this, and keep your jealousy in check.

  • I'm sure it's normal to feel jealous of her guy friends. I voted that it's wrong to ask her to not have guy friends, which I'm not implying you intend to do.

    • Did you read the rest? I'm more jealous because EVERY guy "friend" she's had as ask her not even knowing she has a boyfriend and they for the most part disrespected me or her... I'm not jealous because she spends time with other guys. That you for your opinion :)

    • She just happens to be surrounded by inconsiderate dudes. You have total reason to dislike them specifically.

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