Why doesn't my boyfriend pleasure me anymore?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months and he used to make me come so fast. Now I feel like I have to force him to help me finish after he has. It seems like if I don't finish when or before he does I am not getting anything. He always fusses and complains and I feel like I am forcing him which I guess I am. He always makes it so we are around other people or busy all the time so we can't make love. And it really plays with my emotions. He says its because I always fight with him. And the reason we fight is because after we have sex he lays back and wants to sleep or go somewhere. He always says if I didn't flip out when he doesn't he would. How would he doesn't want to do it in the first place? I need help. What should i do? I want my relationship and love life to be great not terrible.


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  • Forcing someone to pleasure you would make the sex experience unenjoyable and more like a job so I can see why he isn't in the mood for sex.

    If you can't have find middle ground on this then it won't get better. Try to compromise if there isnt' any then it's likely you will have to find someone with a little more drive to make you cum very time you have sex.

    • But he always used to. He was the best now he just doesn't get the job done. He gets annoyed when I ask for sex but I am a very active person. I have a high sex drive. What can I do to make him want me again?

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