So I tried to talk to this girl at bar but ended up pushing her further away?

we have some history as i originally meet her last summer at that same bar and know some of her gf's from there as well. i have talked to her there a few times before although conversations were never detailed or long but she does know who i 'am. i recently tried to talk to her again and when i first saw her she appeared ok with things and i though she smiled at me. but things didn't go as planned and i got annoyed when a couple other people talked to her and i couldn't get in and even say hi. so first attempt didn't even get off the ground , so i waited a few minutes longer and noticed she wasn't with anyone so went back over and tried to talk to her again. but i think by this point she was allready annoyed at me and maybe wondered why i even wanted to talk to her as we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks. so to try and get rid of me she hugged one of her gf's and tried to claim she was a lesbian which isn't true and i just gave up on idea after that as i realsied it had gone sour my plan. but i still do like this girl so not sure what to do and i though our previous encounters had went better so unsure why things are going south?

any thoughs on the whole thing? was it my fault or did she just not want to talk to me in public at that bar for some reason?


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  • I have done this at a bar with my girlfriends and claim that " I'm with her" and i typically do it when I'm not interested in the guy :/ I would let her be.


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