Guys, why would you 'unread' facebook mesgs after you actually see it?

I am dating a guy for about 2 months,
He was chasing me, initial the texting, asking me out almost every day.
He was in holiday for 2 weeks around the first months we date,
that was maybe why he got time to texting me.
Since he came back from holiday, he brought me a gift,
asked me out fist nite when he arrived home from the airport.

He went extremely busy with work every day afterwards.
I was so used to get his text all the times.
and I felt uncomfortable.

So I made a mistake, I texted him too much I guess,
tho only funny texts, he was very annoyed at some point.
He told me once he didn't want a relationship in last 3 years is because its too much pressure.
He started ignore my Fb mesg, he reads all of them,
but only reply me every 3,4 days.
we still meet, but he is a bit cold.

Recently there were a couple of times he read the messages,
and then Mark it as UNREAD...

I know I was misbehaved last 2 weeks,
So I stopped contact him for 3 days already.

Do you guys know why would he 'unread' the inbox mesgs 2 days after he seen it (I can literally see it from my phone)
also any suggestion about what should I after?
Many thanks! I really like him.


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  • I think it is best if you leave him alone. The writing on the wall is pretty clear, and he isn't interested in you

    • But why would he chase me from start then... I was refusing him for a least 2 weeks before our first date. He told his roommate I'm extremely nice etc. I'm confused.

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    • I don't have much relationship experience, in fact, I only had one boyfriend for 7 years since I was 20... and we just broke up before summer. Maybe that's why I am so naive and stupid about things in a relationship. I am still learning...

    • It just takes time and experience to learn things

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