Should I try and apologise to this girl or just let it be?

i first meet her last summer and we seemed to get along back then and have a genuine connection. however she went off to college for dental hygenie program and i didn't see her for a while. then she re appeared at bar a few times and i tried to talk to her and things different and conversations seemed harder to get going then before and she was annoyed that i found another girl she was friends with attractive. there was also a couple nights where she got all annoyed at me for whatever reason and though i was trying to spend too much time with her at bar.
i want to try and like apolgise to her maybe online and see if that improves things? like something really short just to get point across i was sorry but not come across as too obsessed at tis point. but its also possible i could just let it be and maybe not even see her for a while but if i run into her again at bar could see there being more issues unless things are cleared up


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  • So in summary:
    -->Met girl for short time in summer. (Did you fuck her?)
    --> Girl goes off to Dental school (Does not text/try to contact you? If yes indicates you weren't really a priority)
    --->Reappears at a bar few time. (So random encounter?)
    ---> Talking is now difficult with her and she is upset you find her friend attractive and spending all your time at bars with her. (Sounds like she likes the attention you give her, more than you as a person).
    --->You now want to apologize to a girl that doesn't gives 2 shits about you an apology for liking her friend.

    • no I didn't have sex with her
      - I make contact with her online by added her to twitter when she was away but she didn't go out of her way to say much to me
      - guess somewhat random but her and her gf's are regulars at that bar so a place you'd expect to see them
      - yeah communication is an issue
      - I wasn't going to apologize for finding friend attractive more try and clear up my behavior at bars which she was starting to get annoyed with way I acted around her or maybe as you say she was just annoyed we kept seeing each other at bars and no where else

    • ---> So why are you talking to her so much for?
      ---> So she doesn't think much of you.
      ---> So she is a bar sloot who goes home with guys at the bar.
      ---> How old is she?

      Your confusing me right now. What do you actually want out of relationshipw tih this girl. You don't want to smash her, but yet you want to continue seeing her even though she fnds you annoying and even apolagize to her. You want to be her BFF OR SOMETHING?

    • I agree its possible I don't want a relationship with this girl in that sense , I did like being friends with her. she wasn't type of girl who took guys home , she never did that sort of thing. she wouldn't of been type to have sex that soon. she is younger than me in her 20's. I guess I was talking to her so much cause I kept running into her , I also found her girlfriend very attractive and really wanted to have sex with her so maybe trying to keep them close so I'd have a chance with her maybe. I just didn't want them to disappear and forgot about me

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