Help I don't know if he likes me back?

I don't know if he likes me?

I really like this guy and stuff and I've known him for years and we're kinda really close we walk from first to second period together and I love being around him & also we just connect like our personalities and he's always bumping into me or touching me or poking me or even playing with my hand and he laughs at my stupid jokes and he always bumps knees with me and I don't know he does more things like I don't know I can just tell so I feel like he likes me BUT the downside is that he stops answering my texts like he answers but then just stops and he won't hangout with me during lunch so I don't know if he likes me? (I wrote a better more clear one but it deleted so bare with me on this one)

I'm not really sure how to explain him it really seems like he likes me but how he stops texting back and how he never hangs out with me at lunch is kinda weird.


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  • Tell him you like him and ask if he does you


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