How long to date before my boyfriend picks up on my moods?

My boyfriend doesn't seem to be picking up on my moods. Ever heard of the article about responding to "bids"? I make emotional bids towards him to get him to respond and he is either very passive or responds in a way like he doesn't understand what I am saying. It's only sometimes that he is this way though... I just wonder how long it'll take for him to pick up on all of my moods? Months? Years? Days?


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  • Some guys won't pick up shit and couldn't care less about your mood; not everyone is good at reading their partners either and unless you tell them that something is going on with you, they won't know.


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  • some guys r honestly so dumb like that lol. sorry.

    like i always believe that the right guy will just be able to read u without trying from a very early stage. if he is just oblivious to how u feel then he either isn't paying attention or doesn't care very much.

    i've had guys [friends] who are just able to pick up on how i feel by the way i type... it's just one of those skills some people have and others dont.

    • Hm. This isn't giving me much hope...

    • id just rather give an honest opinion.

    • I think he picks up on my moods when I am sad, but has trouble when I am happy oddly enough. Yeah, honesty is good!

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  • Ehh, my best friend can pick up on my moods immediately. I've known him for a year now. He could pick up on my moods even after like two months of really getting to know each other. He knows when I'm upset before I do. He even knew that I had other things on my mind besides being pissed at him and told me he knew that something was off about me today. I think your boyfriend should know pretty soon, at least if he is perceptive.

    • It has been like 6 weeks? I'm getting a tad impatient.

    • Sometimes guys can be clueless, but he should be trying to pay close enough attention to you to know how you are doing and not just having to ask. Maybe talk about it with him? Wait a couple more weeks. At least 2 weeks more. IF he doesn't pick up on it by then, then tell him how you feel. Set him straight! :)

  • if he's just the type that doesn't get it, then might be never.

    • I don't know if he doesn't get them or if he doesn't care to respond. Really uncertain.

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