Ok I'm having some boy problems. I am 13 and he is 14 we are in 8th grade. Please help?

Ok This guy asked me out on October 30 2014 at our Halloween dance. I broke up with him after 8 months. I don't know what I was thinking my parents were talking about getting a divorce. Well 2 weeks later I realized I messed up and wanted another chance and told him he said maybe. We went skating a few days later and he told me no because he doesn't have enough time but later he will about 1 week ago I called him and asked him about when he said that at the skating rink and he said "yea I just don't have time". He works for all the farmers around him and has had his own lawn mowing business since he was 8 years old. So yes he is very busy. While we were on the phone he said "I don't know why I ever put u through that, i never spent enough time with you". This is from a guy who on Valentine's Day I went to him house and we just cuddled and watched movies for 5 hours. My parents love him. The first time we went out he got me and my mom flowers and went and shook my dads hand and everything. I am 13 and he is 14. The most we ever did was peck on the lips. We are very responsible for our age and know that we are to young to be doing anything else sexually. But emotionally we were very attached. We said I love u every day and if one of us wasn't at school we called as soon as we could to make sure they were ok. He was the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. We have a since on Friday and my friends think I should ask him to it. We plan to go skating and the movies.

Any serious answers will be appreciated greatly!
Where is says "we have a SINCE on Friday" that's supossed to say "we have a DANCE on Friday" so sorry


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  • You should ask him.