White guys/girls, would you ever date the token black girl/guy of the group?

Year after year, I notice that I continue to make more white friends than black. Its kind of been a habit since childhood being that I grew up around a lot of white people. Yet, I tend to feel like the token black girl. Im usually the only black friend out of te group. Also, a lot of my white guy friends flirt with me, but it doesn't seem like any of them would ever ask me out. Why is that?
Even my white friend girls have the nerve to say "You're practically white!"... I'm not trying to be white. I know Im black


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  • One of my best friends is black. LoL, when we first started becoming friends people kept trying to ship us as the token black couple of the school, but we just weren't into each other like that. He's my only black friend... All my other friends are either white, some hispanic and my best best best friend is half Asian half white. So, basically I only hang out with white people. Not on purpose. I have a very hard time making friends and an even harder time making friends of my race. I'm biracial, but I look more black so I kind of identify with that part of me more.

    I know the feels though. I've had friends who were white and liked me, but they never asked me out. I believe it's because of their parents. Yes, parents may be accepting of black people, but that doesn't mean they want their son to marry one or date one.


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  • The fact that you see yourself as the "token black person" illustrates the fact that you've already distanced yourself from the others in the group. The guys you know may have picked up on this, and that may be why you don't get asked out.

    I'm going to tell you a little secret about guys: we like girls who like us. We don't like beating our heads against the proverbial brick wall. If I sense that there's some barrier between me and a girl I'm flirting with, I'll never ask her out, period. I'm not in the business of selling myself to girls, and I don't want to be with anyone who doesn't want to be with me.

    If you want white guys to ask you out, stop seeing yourself as separate from them. There are already enough cultural barriers between black and white people. You don't need to add any more to the list.


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  • I'm not really sure what a 'token' black/Asian/Hispanic, etc. guy is... if there's just one in a group that's otherwise white?

    • Basically its a group of whatever... However there's only one black guy in the group.

    • oh ok yeah I guess I'm dating the token Asian guy of the group. One Asian out of a group of 10 otherwise white friends.

      To answer your question, I have no clue why none of the guys take the flirting any further so as to ask you out. Maybe they're just not into you like that? It doesn't have to be because of race. Especially since you grew up in generally white neighbourhoods, I doubt it's because of any racial differences in terms of behaviour and such.

  • yes i would,

    • Why do you think these guys flirt with me and want to hang with me, but not take me out? They all say I'm attractive. Im wondering if its a race thing, because I know most of them have grandparents who dont support interracial dating

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