Guys, Would you consider this being ignored?

The guy I've been chatting with online (who I know from real life) had become a little distant/less talkative after a few months, so I cut down on my messaging to him to sort of match where he was at. At this point, I usually just wait for him to message me first, but am talkative once he does so. Despite that, he's not so talkative after the conversation has been initiated. We both have interest in eachother, but his distance made me think I should back off. Then yesterday it had gotten pretty late and he hadn't messaged me yet, until he finally said "why are you ignoring me?" I said that I wasn't because he hadn't messaged me in the first place. He said it's still ignoring. Is simply not getting in touch ignoring someone, and if so, wasn't he ignoring me as well in that case? Does that mean he wants me to talk to him more/needs to be reassured that Im interested in him?


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  • Oh dear God. I've never seen such a generation so weird and backward in communication rules. Who the hell made these stupid rules?


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