Hanging out with friends for an hour or two has never sat well with my boyfriend, but him working all the time makes me bored at him!! Help?

Let me start off by saying I'm 26, and my boyfriend is 28, and we live together. He hasn't had a day off all month, and he's been working graveyard shifts from 9pm-5am. I hardly go out to begin with, and lately my friends have been asking me to go out. Now when I mean go out I mean grabbing a drink for an hour or two, with my co workers after work. Mostly guys or gals married or in a serious relationship such as myself, but lately it seems everything I do annoys him. I always make sure he has something to eat, and make him lunch for later at night. I clean our apt, do our laundry, and massage him from time to time. Normally he finds my work stories funny but lately he doesn't want to hear them. I was trying to be playful to get him in a better mood, but that annoyed him, so I just don't know what to do? I understand he's tired, and he's not happy with having to work nights, but why take it out on me? I understand he "brings home the bacon", but must I deprive myself of hanging out for a drink or two? I know he's tired and he misses hanging out, but anyone have advice on how I can handle trying to be patient because I love him. It just seems the more I give the more he takes...😔


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  • Night shifts make u moody so give him encouragement and love and tell him how hard working he is. Plan something to look forward to on his next day off and talk about u needing to get out once in a while rather than been stuck at home. He should trust u to be good so tell him how u feel about him and ease his mind. Good luck

    • Yea, he works really hard. I want to try a do something for him to show him I don't take his hard work for granted

    • He will appreciate it, plan something for u both maybe a day out or night out meal and some loving at the end of it ;-)

    • I like it!! ✌️😊

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  • How long have you been together? Was he like this in the beginning of your relationship?
    Look, I don't think your situation is quite serious, he's probably moody due to his job.
    Have you tried discussing the matter with him?


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  • He must busy. Respect him and care for him. Stay with him but don't talk too much.
    My father and even I can get irritated due to excess of work.
    Give him food, and help him. And rub his feets to relieve his tensions.

    And please respect his wishes. It will be worth the effort. He wants someone with him. Fill the role effectively by staying at his side.

  • What is this, real advice and not a bunch of bitter guys telling her to leave him so she would be as miserable and alone as them?

    You've changed gag... you've changed...


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