What does it mean to you when you call someone "complicated"?

I was told by an ex friends with benefits that I am extremely complicated. What's your definition of complicated and what do you mean by it?


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  • a complicated person is a person that is hard to understand and a person who shows mixed feelings... that's my definition of complicated


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  • i consider it a compliment. it depends on how they mean it and how u take it.

    to me, it could mean u have depth to you. you have many sides to you, without having many personalities. you are unique and you don't enjoy following a crowd.
    you're also a little mysterious. u dont give everything away, and if u do, u do it very slowly. to get to know u, one needs to dedicate lots of time, otherwise they will give up on the incredibly difficult puzzle that is u.

    that's what i think it means.

    • Thank you. I think I'm in the middle of the bad and good side of complicated­čśĽ

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    • I love drunken night thoughts! Those are the best... especially when you have some good music in the background.

    • i knowwww!! haha so true.

  • Complicated = emotional baggage.


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