I miss him so much but he said NO?

I miss this guy i used to ''see'' and i contacted him but he seemed angry and totally made me feel worthless. He said i wasn't worthy of him anymore, that i had my chance and that i should fuckk off and dissappointed someone else, i asked to see him to talk and he just said ''ok'' (sarcastically) and i miss his smell, his voice, his skin just everything, he ignored me for a motnh (he said he would always be there for me all i had to do was call) he completely cut me off and he said he would never do that. Im a virgin by the way so haven't slept with other men (im 23). He ahsnt blocked or deleted my number but he doesn't talk to me either. He just wants to piss me off.


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  • Some important info is missing here. What did you do to make him so pissed?

    • we were not in a relationship so i said i went to chill with another guy friend and he got pissed and haven't spoken to me since, he wanted to sleep with other women when i refused to have sex with him and got upset for dumping him after he made a comment about me being an ''option''

    • You said you two weren't in a relationship but that you also 'refused' to have sex with him. So were you friends with benefits or something?

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  • Sounds like he doesn't like you so you should probably stop trying because you're only going to piss him off. Stop wasting your time, move on and find someone better.


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  • Stop obsessing over one guy. grow up and Move one its that simple.


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  • he's not worth it omfg he sounds like a fckin jerk you deserve so much better and i am not kidding

  • Are you trolling? Cut him out of your life for good! You deserve better

    • i can't get him out of my minf

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    • Like I said playing mind games, ignoreeeee

    • yea so i confronted him about it and he still haven't blocked my number or deleted it and he still has his name in status after 9 months

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