What's your most embarrassing babyface story involving the opposite gender?

Guys, did girls ever shoot you down because you look too damn young? Girls, did guys you liked ever treat you like their little sister?
I'll start with my experiences. I'm 25 but I can still pass for a 16 or 17 year old due to major babyface. I went to get a haircut from a girl who was the same age as me, but while she was cutting my hair she kept calling me "kiddo" of all things, lol. I got shot down by a 20 year old a party before because she said I looked 13 (she was exaggerating honestly). I went out for my friend's 21st birthday before with a group of her friends. One girl was 22 and the whole time she was treating me like a little brother. After I told her how old she was she laughed and said I looked like a youngin'. Anybody have any similar stories?


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  • Girl on a Dating App accused me for lying because of my age I had on this App. Saying I look about 15 (I'm actually 20). Can't say how much I hate it and how bad it is to have a babyface as a guy

  • All us Asian folk are born to look young.. :/


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