I slept with this guy and now I don't know if I like him?

I was crazy about this guy. Had known him for 5 years and finally we were in the same city and both single and he asked me out. We had an amazing first date. I even felt sick walking to the first date and couldn't stop thinking about him. And then we saw each other again on a second date but we both got pretty drunk and slept together. I don't regret sleeping with him, but I don't really remember it. Anyway, he's texted for 4 hours straight every day since then and now I don't know if I like him that much. Did I only like the idea of him and now that I slept with him (whether I remember it or not) am I not that into him? Is the infatuation over? Shouldn't I want to text him all the time?
I want to see him again so that's why I am confused. Not for sex, just to see him. But I'm not really motivated to text him. But it's only been 2 days since I saw him last so I have to wait. :/ I can't tell what this is.


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  • If you were a guy people would call you a jerk and that you only used him for sex. I find that a little interesting.

    Things like this happens and it's nobodys fault.
    Sometime we are in love with an idea of someone rather than the person itself and when we realize that that person isn't this idea or dream we sober up to reality.

    • Well I didn't want to have sex with him that soon and I don't remember the sex so no, didn't use him for sex. I see what you mean though about the idea of someone.

    • I'm just saying that this exact situation happens to guys as well and they are judged harshly for it. Many people jumps to the conclusion that he is a jerk and don't even consider that he might have come from the exact same situation you now find yourself in.

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  • Maybe you were only attracted to him in a physical way. You probably don't like his character or his personality, that's why you are feeling confused right now.
    Anyway, go on a date with him and you will decide then whether you like him or not.


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  • "Is the infatuation over?" you answered your own question.

  • Ya yo7 liked the legend not the man


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