My girlfriend borrowed my car and took a guy friend with her?

She told me she had to borrow it to pay for her cell phone bill.

i asked her who she was with when she already left. She told me a guy friend. I got extremely upset. I didn't tell her anything. Just like whatever. It's cool.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If it bothered you I think you shouldn't keep it to yourself and instead talk it over with her. Because to keep anger inside towards someone always ends up in bitterness. I think it's healthy to say when something bothers you.


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  • do you at least know that "guy friend" ? if yes then i think you should not worry but if not then... that's weird


What Guys Said 1

  • Have you met this guy friend do you know him and do you think she let him drive your car. Most guys prefer to be in the drivers seat when in the car with a female unless they are gay.


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