Girls: Do you think guys get bored if it's too easy? Do you purposefully try to make it a challenge to avoid that outcome?

Well, until recently, I always thought this was just another lame excuse women used to get away with being difficult (oh no way! he's expressing his feelings. I should comment about how much of an ass I think he is and completely ignore the question). Even if you are the (less than) ~10% that try to avoid being difficult (difficult =/= playing hard to get), it's not the case the with the majority of attractive women; so, please refrain from reminding me not the "generalize."

Anyway! I never really had much luck with the ladies before my sophomore year in college. And I spent a lot of that time blaming the women and being lonley. But, I really hit my stride last fall and neeeeverrr looked back. I must admit. I get bored. Not to say these women are unattractive. Hell, the one I'm bored with right now is hands down hotter than any girl I hooked up with all summer. But, she pretty much gave it to me like the interest on her student loans. I'm currently pretending that I'm helping my mom with a flat tire and willingly missing out on a quiz because, it's like suffocating with the attention she gives me.

I know, this makes me sound like a HUUUGE dick. Business school and chump change got my selling cancer for profit. I'm honestly not trolling. Let's be pragmatic and hash it out. I couldn't careless for male answers. But I'll read them nonetheless. The human psyche intrigues me.


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  • We know you get bored.


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  • Obviously a girl posing as a guy.


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