There is a guy that I like and he likes me but I don't know what to do? Help?

So there is a guy that I have known for a long time. We got back in contact a few months ago after about four years of not seeing each other. He never really talked to me back then but all of a sudden its like we he wants to re get in touch with me. We meet up in parking lots and just talk for hours we text all the time and when we see each other we both can't stop smiling. and he texts the nicest things but when I try to flirt he acts like he has no idea of what I am talking about. Plus there is a lot of family drama that we have been dealing with... I have no idea what to do?


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  • I say let him take the step. He is the man! So I would not stress about it, just let things flow naturally. He has to WAKE UP and realize that if he likes you and wants something more he is going to have to flirt with you and escalate.

    You are doing great though, you are trying to flirt with him now and then and that is great - you are doing YOUR job on the courting process imho. He is the one that now needs to step up.

    Continue doing your thing and wait to see what happens - remember, be cool and have him chase you after

    • We have been doing this for months it seems like. He has yet to step up and I'm not sure that he will ever. We both know that we like each other... but I don't know he confuses me. we saw each other the other night and when we met up he pulled me in for a tight hug and just held me there for a while and did the same thing when we left.

    • Unfortunately that is the story with a lot of guys, they do not "man" up and are not dominant. Reading carefully at your description of things, he probably does like you. but he is just NOT decisive/confident on that department to act on it, he might not know how to etc, fears to be rejected or I don't know.

      Let me put it as this: You two met up, assuming you were reacting positively to him, that is the indicator you are interested, he should have kissed you at the middle, end of your night (assuming it was not a date). He has to man up! period.

      However, some guys never change and are too SLOW, so if you like him and DO NOT MIND that he is not dominant, takes the lead etc (which will eventually affect you if you two get in a relationship), then take the first step, but you are warned. You can do this subtly by telling him for instance, 1. Next time you go out, ask him... so is this a date? And wait for his response. ( if yes: Tell him why then has he not tried to kiss you).

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  • try to get together.


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