Send a pic abd the guy didn't respond?

We were texting late at night. Asked him if i could send a little somethibg to him. He said yes. Send a pic of my abs. He wasn't sure if it was actually ne. And said he wanted to see the rest of my upper body and ass. I told him i would. He texted me 😉😏🔥 send the pic of ky ass. Abd he just didbt respond... What do u guys think?


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  • Apparently, he's not an ass man!

    • He told me his favorite part was a girl's ass?

    • Maybe he is very particular about what kind of ass he is looking for.

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  • maybe he feel asleep since it was late.
    or maybe he didn't get it
    or maybe he got it but didn't like it and doesn't know what to say
    maybe he liked it a lot and had to go relieve himself ;) hehe


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  • I wouldn't be interested in a girl whose got abs ( no offense)

    • He may of liked you ass but them abs turned him off

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