Should I let go or Hold On?

Okay so I'm dating this younger guy (5 years younger) and he's a really sweet guy. I very sure that his age wouldn't affect our relationship but I'm not sure anymore. There are some things that he does that is very immature at times and it seems that even though I tell him how these things affect me he will still do them! On the other hand I don't know if I'm overthinking things but I feel that I'm robbing him of relattionship experience. I say this because I know that I want to settle down and even though he says he wants the same thing I just feel like I'm not properly teaching or showing him what it means to be in relationship. WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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  • Well, it's important to remember that 18 year-old guys are morons. Even if they're brilliant, and thoughtful, and sweet, they're still morons. And the reason that they're morons is that they don't know that they're morons. When I was 18, I was certain that I was an adult and that I had life figured out. Now, in reality, I was heading down an academic/career path that was making me miserable and depressed, I was convinced that I could only get along with people who shared my social and cultural views, and the second a girl I had a crush on showed any interest in me, I started planning out our whole life together.

    Five years difference means different things at different points in life. My girlfriend is actually five years younger than I am, and even at the mid-twenties/early-thirties point, it still shows sometimes. It showed even more two years ago when we started dating, and I can only imagine what it would have been like if it had been when I was 23. That's a pretty huge gap.

    That being said, you shouldn't be deciding things for him. If you're communicating to him what you want out of the relationship and you're not getting those things, then you shouldn't be together. But if you're communicating what you want out of the relationship and he's indicating that it's what he wants as well, he's the only one that can make that determination. It's his job to decide what's best for him, and your job to decide what's best for you. If those things match up, then great. And if they don't, then that's when it's time for the relationship to end.


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  • Maybe your heart is telling you silently this guy is not the one for you
    and if he seems immature than chances are your heart is telling you right
    most guys at age 18 aren't ready to settle down but i also believe there
    are more females who are ready to settle down then there are males.


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  • move on. if you feel any kind of guilty for any part of your relationship or his life then you won't fully enjoy ur relationship...


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